Are You Competent or Joyful?

Competency is overrated.

Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing it.  Competency without joy is a life sentence to mediocrity and going through the motions.

Like you, I am good at a lot of things.  I am/was good at:

  • Accounting (graduated 7th in my class of highly competitive accounting majors)
  • Mathematics (loved the subject until I hit the courses where you spend untold hours proving theorems…what is the point of that anyway?)
  • Computer programming (still like parts of it…the rest can go…)
  • Writing long articles and reports for other people on subjects that don’t interest me
  • Following up on things and doing administrative work

And the list could go on….

You get the drift, though, right? I could have made a perfectly competent and potentially upwardly mobile accountant. I could have stayed in corporate America and support computer applications for another few decades. I could spend untold hours every week in my business scheduling, following up, and doing other “must do” tasks that take me away from the higher impact activities. Joyful Business

But I don’t because those choices would not allow me to thrive.  They would dim the light that is ME, deny others the opportunity to experience my greatest gifts, and sentence me to a life of “getting by” according to someone else’s rules.

Serviceable? Yes.

Do-able? Yes.

Respectable? Yes.


There is no joy there.  No spark, no get-up-and-go. No zip. Not the life experience I really want. 

It could make for a sufficient life and business, but not a masterful one;

interesting pursuits, but not enthusiastic ones;

 a comfortable life, but not a fully lived one.

Since I was a little kid I have been told over and over again that I want and demand a lot from myself and life.  That is true! I used to take it as an insult, but now I realize it is actually an affirmation of choosing a path of desire, fulfillment, making an impact, and living fully.  That means dismissing what’s convenient for what I’m committed to; standing solid in my authentic self; and using ease, joy, and fun as part of my daily metrics for success.

My Coach’s Request for You

Reflect on the bigger picture for your life and business – does your strategy take you in a direction of competence only or does it set your heart ablaze knowing you’re playing to your strengths and experiencing joy along the way?

Now, drill down to the day-to day…  are you marching along in a way that is merely serviceable or setting yourself up for the greatest authentic success?

Now, give yourself permission to go beyond what you think might be possible.  What do you have to let go of to let in more joy?  What distractions, once released, will free you up to focus on the things that will have the greatest impact?

Then put into action at least 1 thing that will bring you more joy as you navigate each day.

Are you being super competent but not feeling too jazzed about the results you’re experiencing?   Reach out to me and we’ll connect via phone for a complimentary Intuitive Intelligence® Activation Session to explore how you can get more impact from your own uniqueness in your life and business.

photo credit: Ant1_G via photo pin cc

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