Why You Need a Business Plan (No Apologies Video)

Business plan. It can sound like a four letter word. But it doesn’t have to be.

Using a kinder, gentler type business plan is the foundation for your success.

I’m not talking a business plan of epic proportions. Fifty, sixty pages of thick charts, graphs, and numbers. I am talking about creating something that sets the foundation for your business to grow. A compass. A navigational tool that makes the big and small decisions more effective and easier. Even if you have no idea or clarity around your business plan, this is the type of thing that I can help you create in a short amount of time (or a day-long intensive). From this exercise you walk away knowing your values, who you want to serve, how you want to serve them, why you are getting into this business in the first place, what your marketing will be, finances, and other pertinent details. It becomes a living document that evolves and gets reviewed regularly.

So don’t embark without a clue, without a map. Nebulous = wasted effort and wrong turns. Create a business plan and get clear how you want to navigate in your business from an authentic and purposeful stance.

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