Do You Speak with Laser-Like Precision?

Are you someone who can seemingly talk forever and take the round about way of getting to the point?

Or, perhaps you have the opposite challenge…

Do you struggle on saying much of anything at all leaving others to wonder what you’re really thinking and feeling?

Either way if you can’t communicate with laser-like focus you are sabotaging your own success. You see, I can talk (and talk and talk and talk and talk… you get the picture?).  Yet as more time goes by I realize that while this can be a benefit sometimes, more often than not it is a liability.  Every time I find myself over-explaining I hear the voice of a career counselor (and now friend) I once had told me point blank “You’re one of those damn expressives and it drives me nuts!” Meaning that I tend to think out loud and talk a great deal including every bloody detail imaginable to express myself.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with talking or chit-chatting of course. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever relax and talk at length with someone.  But, when it comes to business and the business of creating what you want in your life, clarity and brevity are your friends.

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