Do You Stop for Beauty?

Smell the RosesAs you’re racing about your day, do you stop for beauty when you see it?  The proverbial “stop and smell the roses”? It may sound trivial, but if you want to feel alive and confident in your business then it pays to hit the breaks, take a detour, and gaze at cool stuff once in a while.

The other morning as I was working at my desk in the early morning, the rose I had in a vase (courtesy of a speaking engagement over the weekend!) was suddenly magically illuminated by the sun rising over the trees.  The photographer in me got very excited at this back lightning opportunity and lunged for my camera.  Then I started playing with angles, and sunshades, and random, quick things I could do to get a better shot.  The whole escapade lasted maybe five minutes maximum.  By then the sun had risen just a bit more and the magic lighting was not as intense.

This little fun detour made my morning.  There was fun, a burst of energy, and just a deep gratitude for the beauty in little gifts.  Sometimes as entrepreneurs we need these itty bitty signs of hope to keep walking the path to bring our work to the world.  In fact I’d say most of us, no matter what our profession need these magical moments to add a bit of juice to our day, to our very being.

So, when they happen to you – do you stop to enjoy the magic or do you just walk on by?  After all there’s so much to-do!  Gotta go, gotta hurry, gotta be somewhere!  I’m here to tell you that no one’s success was every sabotaged by taking a deep breath and marking the moment. By enjoying a moment in the day that speaks to you.  Enjoying magical moments are the perfect way to bring more energy and creativity to your life and business.  Don’t miss them… they pass far too fast.

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