Find the Beauty around You

What we are willing to notice creates our experience. We are often so busy doing that we are totally detached from who we are being. We get caught up and distracted and don’t even notice what is right in front of us.

SunflowerToday, take time to notice the beauty that is around you. You can find beauty just about anywhere: within people, places, things, and your senses’ response to your environment. I guarantee that it’ll lift your mood, make you feel better, and allow you to feel more connected in this very moment.

The “Find Beauty” Challenge

Today (or even better stretch it out for a week or longer), notice at least 10 things throughout the day that you find beautiful. It can be a person, someone’s gesture, a piece of nature, an animal, a scent of great food, the taste of your favorite food treat, or just about anything at all. Then, make a list of these 10 or more items in your journal.

The more you consciously take time to notice the beauty, the more beauty you’ll find in your life.

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