Where is the Space in Your Life?

One of my regular reads is the Working Solo blog. Today Leah Maclean had a great post entitled “Where is the Space in Your Business?” The darn article is so well written and struck such a chord with me I started to tear up.

In her article, Leah talks about the space in between all the do-ing that we have going on. Her comparison to music hits the nail on the head:

But lately I have been focusing on equally on what I DO as well as what I DON’T do. The stuff I include as well as the stuff I leave out. Not just the time I spend with clients and on the business but also the spaces in between.

There are so many parallels with this approach but most of the ones that I can think of have an artistic influence. When it comes to music, and jazz comes to mind immediately, the difference between capable and talented is not in the notes but in the space in between the notes. The same for artists and for cooks (sometimes you just need to know what to leave out).

Space in Your Life- View of Antelope CanyonIn the full article she poses some great questions for different occupations and gives examples of the artistic space that makes all the difference. Don’t think you need to be in a traditionally artistic field for this analogy to ring true. We are all artists as we create our lives each moment. So, there’s no hiding from this lesson.

What I love about this perspective is that it isn’t limited to business. We all need space in all areas of our lives to create the magic. We need that space to allow the air to flow and for us to breathe. Without it, our internal fire diminishes until it is extinguished. If you’re stressed and booked to the max you have no space to feed your internal flame. Without that flame, you are unable to contribute to the world in the way you were meant to. You are unable to enjoy your rich relationshps. And, without that flame the technicolor from life fades to dim shades of gray.

  • How is your internal flame doing today?
  • Where is the space in your life?
  • Who do you need to be and what do you need to get rid of to allow for the space and silence between the notes to blossom into the beautiful music you’re meant to create?

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  1. Oh Paula .. I didn't mean for the tears but am glad that it struck a chord for you. I agree that space can provide the rich hues of colour in life. Too much doing-ness i definitely gray and bleak. Love the image you used here as well (great colour and light)

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