Have You Tuned It Out?

Ignoring Your IntuitionOver the holidays I happened to be hanging out after grocery shopping at the big Whole Foods near my home… the special one with the pub where you can grab a glass of wine or microbrew and have a bite to eat.  (You’ve got to remember I live in Pennsylvania and this is a big freaking deal since you can’t buy wine or beer except in restaurants and state run liquor stores here.)  I love to go here as a treat a few times a month because I can buy healthy food and get a treat which frankly makes errands far more fun and playful.

On this particular Thursday night, the place was packed because it was the holidays and there were lots of people shopping the store and many more enjoying a free beer tasting.  Then out of nowhere an alarm starts going off in the store blaring away in a high-alert sort of way.  Guess what happened next?

Absolutely nothing…

People did not even flinch yet alone investigate or take action.

I was fairly amazed.  Not that I’d suggest an ensuing panic, but at least SOME acknowledgment of the fact that an alarm designed to alert people to something unwanted, unexpected, and potentially dangerous was sounding.

Another five minutes or so went by and then, blam!  The alarm starts blaring away again.

And, what happened?

Once again, absolutely nothing.  No reactions, no investigation, and no announcement over the store speaker.

As I sat there deeply savoring my Belgium triple ale I was stunned and speechless.  Then immediately it hit me.  The connection between this event and why so many people, particularly business owners, seem to be marching along doing more of the same even when it isn’t working and is making them unhappy. It became resounding clear to me yet again.  No one is listening to the whispers.

What whispers?  The whispers of intuition that are available to each and every one of us if you only tune into and heed their message.  In fact not only are people not listening to the whispers, I see so many tuned out entirely, in their own “safe” cocoon ignoring what IS.  That’s what was going on in the Whole Foods that night… people were:

  • Busy
  • Rushing around and stressed out with the holiday season
  • Oblivious to everything around them except what they wanted to see

While there was no real cause for alarm in this case…what if there was?  What if there was some small bit of information available to you to stay safe but you were too busy not paying attention (multi-tasking, texting, tweeting, or whatever) to notice? It is well documented in the book The Survivor’s Club that often the difference between life and death in unusual circumstances is awareness.

It may seem like an extreme example, but what I know for sure is that there is a world of wisdom, information, clarity, and peace available in each moment that we often simply pass by because we’re not being mindful. We’re not tuned into the whispers.  And, when we’re listening to the cacophony around us (and in our heads) we can’t hear them.

The answers you seek – to your struggles, to starting/navigating a transition successfully, to the experience you want in your life and business is contained in the whispers.  They are there just waiting for you to tune in, pay attention, and trust them.  The only question is…

Are you willing?

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Credit Image: Shannon Clark via Flickr

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