How Can I Even Out the Ups & Downs of Being a Business Owner?

What business owner doesn’t feel the reality of the entrepreneurial roller coaster?

This crazy ride is part of the reality of making the choice to step out on your own. It’s inevitable. It can be:

  • Thrilling
  • Terrifying
  • Paralyzing
  • Exciting
  • Devastating

How to Tame the Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

You name it! It depends on the person. It depends on the day.

So I often get asked, how can I even out these ups and downs? How can I tame this rodeo bull known as my business?

Ultimately you can’t. You can’t make it all rainbows and unicorns.

But you can build your courage and resilience to navigate it better.

  • You can take strategic actions in your business to stabilize cash flow.
  • You can make wise decisions that will minimize risk, maximize opportunity, and generally feel right.
  • Most importantly you can take care of YOU and the things that matter most to you in life so that you do everything from a strong foundation.

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Think about a tree. Without strong roots it would fall over even on a breeze-free day. Yet when the winds pick up it not only doesn’t fall down, it sways in the wind, allowing the wind to move through it and with it. Trees do not fight the wind. You cannot fight the inevitable ups and downs of being self-employed or you will be exhausted and resentful much of the time.

First you must accept that this is just how life and business is…uncertain and unpredictable.

Then you must take actions and make wise decisions for where your business is today and where you want to grow.

You do this while letting go of the very human desire for some guarantee. There are no guarantees (except death and taxes).

Take the time to tend to what makes you healthy and strong in body, mind, and soul. This is your most powerful and precious tool. When you feel solid in your own roots and willing to move with and through the inevitable winds of change, emotion, and successes those ups and downs will still be there but they will inform, not rule your experience.

Want solid business and life strategies for navigating these ups and downs? Contact me for a discovery session to learn more.

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