How to Take Time Off Without the Guilt

How to Take Time Off Without the GuiltAt some point in almost every client relationship I have with a self-employed business owner this question comes up (or some variation on it). Such as:

  • How can I stop working at the end of the day/on weekends when I am not making “enough” money (yet)?
  • How can I take time off without feeling guilty?
  • How can I say no without feeling guilty?

I felt these same feelings too. And I’m here to tell you that if you don’t learn how to set boundaries, say no, and claim what you need for yourself and your life now; it doesn’t get any easier later.

This is an inside job and has nothing to do with:

  • How much (or little) money you might be making in your business.
  • Whether you have children or do not.
  • If you “deserve” time off or not.

You absolutely cannot have a healthy thriving business unless you are willing to also do what it takes to have a healthy thriving YOU.

And you cannot wait for “Someday” when you have some random external goal met to tend to this.

The best advice I was ever given and can pay forward is to build what you want for your business NOW. Don’t build something you hate and think that when you’re “successful” (by whatever yardstick you are using to beat yourself up) you’ll create it then. You won’t.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Build the business lifestyle you want NOW. Don’t wait until you meet some future goal.” quote=”Build the business lifestyle you want NOW. Don’t wait until you meet some future goal.”]

Take appropriate steps based on where you are with your business and create healthy working hours, boundaries, and time-off now.

Will you feel uncomfortable about it?

Initially, yes you will.

Will you potentially experience push-back from clients who were used to having access to you 24/7?

You very well might (and if so, perhaps they are not your long-term ideal client).

Do you need to balance time off with income needs?

Yes…and… I have found that income goes up when you stop behaving like a rat on a wheel.

And you need to do it anyway.

Take baby steps at first, but do it. Create clear “business hours” and stick to them. Declare weekends (or at least one day) a work and technology-free day.

Most importantly…listen o what you are yearning for and do that. You didn’t take on the risk and hard work of being self-employed to work for a jerk.

Take action, feel the discomfort, and repeat. It WILL get easier. I promise.

If you are looking for someone to help you sort out how to balance business growth with having a life? Look no further. Contact me for a discovery call and start living the way you want in the present, not some distant future.


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