How is Your New Year Going?

Wish for it. Hope for it. Dream of it. But by all means do it.

Hard to believe it’s 2022, right? With the intensity and blursday nature of the last two years you may be feeling differently about this particular turning of the calendar.

In addition to the languishing and chronic mental and emotional exhaustion that seem to prevail in the current circumstances it seems:

Resolutions don’t feel right (and don’t work anyway).

Plans feel like a set up given the sting of best laid ideas gone down the toilet are still fresh in our bones. Remember that shiny new yearly planner you cracked open in January 2020 and left your heart on the pages?  The memories of so much that turning to ashes in an instant are still fresh.

Rhythms and routines are still “off” as daily life doesn’t feel normalized even now.

With all this emotional and energetic noise you might wonder how you can get jazzed about the year ahead and create the conditions that will make your desires a reality?

For me, I’ve given up resolutions long ago and replaced goals with practices, intentions, and experiments. I could write a book about the number of goals I have chased in my life only to be unhappy in the journey to achievement and hollow and empty inside upon their realization.   This is what happens when either:

  1. You chase a goal that is not the right fit for you (or perhaps is even someone else’s goal for you but not your own).
  2. You sacrifice all manner of present moment happiness in the heads-down, all consuming pursuit of some future reality (even if the goal is something you truly want).

When you replace this with a clear vision and intention for what you desire and drop the pressure cooker of striving, life becomes easier and more joyful.  By focusing on the practices, habits, and environments you that surround you in daily life you get to enjoy and be present with today AND greatly increase your probability of making future you happy as well.

I recently recorded two videos talking on this very topic. If you’d like to watch:

One of the gifts of the pandemic is that it has turned the volume way down on the RAH RAH NEW YEAR NEW YOU… nonsense. 

The people I resonate with most are taking a more tender and focused approach to designing their year (and with that their days, weeks, months).  It’s not only kinder. It preserves more energy for you to take action towards what you want.

Even more important than a cheerleader in this process is someone who can offer insight and perspective. Someone who can offer wise guidance, powerful questions, and hold the space for your best self to emerge.

I have started the year putting distinct support in place to help me create this next chapter in life and business.  It is already making a huge difference and we’re just getting started.

If this is something you are yearning for I have just the thing.  For the next few weeks, I am offering a New Years Insight & Perspective Hour at a discounted price. 

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