I Brake for Fun

One thing I’ve learned is the busier I get (even with “good stuff”), the first thing that gets tossed out of the schedule is fun-time. And the funny thing is — the minute it gets tossed the more I yearn for it on some level. And, the less fun I’m having, the more things seem like work and the less creative and productive I become. A self-fullfilling prophecy toward burnout and stress.

Fun is far more powerful than you might think!

If you think back to growing up, most of us received the message that we had to get all our homework (and any chores) done BEFORE we could go out and play. While that may have been our parents way of teaching us priorities and discipline back then, many of us, especially women, have taken it on as a means to be hard on ourselves as high-achieving adults. Let’s face it – the chores and to-do list will NEVER be done. Not until we draw our last breath. So, for goodness sake – take some time soon for some fun, you won’t regret it. No one ever sat on their death bed wishing they spent more time at the office or doing chores.

Recently I was getting my haircut and my fabulous stylist (if you’re near Philadelphia, you MUST check Vicchi out at V-Salon) was telling me a story about how much fun she recently had just hanging out with friends at a cafe and going to a concert. I thought, that sounds wonderful and it seems so long since I’ve had the time to do just that sort of thing. She said — you have to make time for it — it’ll really get you juiced up!

You know, she’s absolutely right! Fun is the way to infuse ourselves with more juice! Haven’t you ever spent time partaking in a hobby or even just breaking routine and going for a leisurely lunch with an upbeat friend and then felt oh so energized? Then, you went back to work and the creative juices just flowed and work felt effortless and inspiring?

Now contrast that to a time when you’ve drudged on for hours or days at work feeling you just couldn’t afford to take the time for fun, a break, or to just get away for a bit. How productive were you then? Did it seem to take forever and a day to get through the task at hand? Did you do your best work?

It is not just a coincidence that one scenario leaves you thriving and the other one leaves you dying on the vine.

So – take this quick self-assessment:

  • When was the last time you just had fun?

If you have to think about the answer too long — it has been too long.

  • Do you have a hobby that you regularly pursue that allows you to get in the flow where time just flies by?

Again, if you have to think too long, or the answer is no, you really need to get a hobby ASAP. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it simply has to be something you enjoy doing (and it can’t be something you think you “should” be doing).

So, this weekend – start living a new mantra – “I brake for FUN” and start peppering a little fun here and there throughout each day of the week. Then, notice if you’re not being more productive, effective, and happy.

Not sure how to choose a hobby or how to carve out some fun-time? Leave me a comment below….. and we’ll get a dialog going.

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2 thoughts on “I Brake for Fun”

  1. Spot on Paula!

    In October 2005 when I was in the midst of a bout of severe pain with my Fibromyalgia I 'dialogued' with the pain and was told I needed to have more fun in my life and do things for ME!

    Then in January when I asked my Inner Guides for advice on having a great year they suggested that 1 important practice was to start everday by writing (my passion). This has made a tremendous difference.

    Please check out my Blog Beyond the Pain at http://www.BeyondThePain.Info/ for more ideas.


  2. Thanks for sharing that Lyle.

    I find it fascinating how what we think and what we do is so related to our health or challenges with disease. I encourage anyone dealing with chronic pain to check out your work.

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