Do You Just Want Someone to Notice You?

Do You Just Want Someone to Notice You?

There’s this really cute strong girl at the gym.

And, no matter what I do, she won’t say hi to me.

It is driving me nuts.

Do you ever just want someone to notice you?

To just be friendly and connect?

Me too, dammit!

Now, let’s be clear, I am over-the-moon happily married and partnered for over 26 years. I do not have any interest in flirting with anyone. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever flirted. EVER. I don’t even have a flirting gene. I’m socially dense in that way.

Yet lately  I am more than a bit preoccupied with getting one cute blond girl to say hi back to me.

I realize this almost sounds as bad as Charlie Brown with the Little Red-Headed Girl, but hear me out.

In the past two years I’ve had a complete mindset overhaul when it comes to strength training. It’s like I’ve been liberated and lifted-up by two awesome strength coaches.  The first introduced me to the possibility of training in this way and the angels rejoiced.  The second is my current rock of skill training, programming, and all around watching endless videos of me helping me to become stronger while staying safe. It’s a practice, it’s mundane, and it works. Taming the voices in my head is as big a part of the journey as the barbell or kettlebell.

Not as many women (as men) are willing to show up at a gym and lean into the practice of getting strong -as in lift heavy things strong.

Yet it confounds me that we, as women on parallel journeys don’t acknowledge each other.

I’m not saying you have to become BFF’s with the people you pass dead-lifting on a random Monday. But you could say hi. You could say “hey” and look each other in the eye in a way that says – this is hard, showing up is hard, I see you, keep-on-going.

This isn’t all that different from women who own their own business.  Tell me the last time you were truly in a group of women who:

  • Let you be totally, unapologetically yourself without trying to get you to be someone you are not or worse yet make a wee bit of fun of you at your expense for the benefit of the group-laugh.
  • Really acknowledged you without any competition, jealousy, or weirdness with words and actions that said – I see you, this is hard, keep showing up, you can do this.

I’ve been a part of some good groups over the years, but I can’t name one that fit both these criteria.

I believe we can lift each other up in little ways that doesn’t require a big commitment.  Remember, you never know what a smile or a hello could do for someone else’s day.  We are all struggling with something and some days are great while others truly suck.

Speaking of being noticed…

Do you ever feel like your best efforts at marketing and sales aren’t having the impact you are yearning for?

It’s not that much different from saying hi to the cute girl in the gym. When you smile and someone doesn’t smile back (aka, join your list, “like” your post, or buy your thing), you feel bad. Not just about what you’re offering but about yourself.

This very thing is at the heart of sustaining your business success over the long term. What do you think marketing is, after all?

It’s getting noticed, creating relationship, and making an invitation to a next step.

Spring is a great time to notice new things – flowers budding, birds singing, grass growing. It’s also a great time for you to get noticed for the things you are creating in your business.

Imagine what it would feel like to be acknowledged, celebrated, and supported as you move into the second quarter of this year. Whether you’ve been showing up and taking action regularly or slacked off on your marketing, a little spring cleaning will give you a fresh start.

If the thought of some personal attention and dedicated time just for you to see more of the results you desire resonates with you, click here to get on the special invite list for the spring cleaning for your business offering that is coming up later this month. I promise to look you in the eye and say hello.

Now, if only the cute girl at the gym would say hi back….

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