Success Secrets from Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona

I recently returned from a 9 day trip to Arizona where I spent 3 fabulous days in a powerful business mastermind group with my mentor and colleagues and then spent a little over a week having a great time hiking and exploring.  I love being in the southwest as it truly feeds my soul.  There is nothing quite as powerful as hiking up to the red rock vistas or hiking deep into the canyon walls.  While on my journeys I recorded a series of videos with critical success secrets that I want to share with you.  I hope you enjoy the powerful messages and the beauty of the scenery.

This first video was taken at the top of Cathedral Rock, one of the powerful energy vortex centers in Sedona.  This hike was a great deal of fun scrambling straight up slickrock. Frankly this is my kind of fun. I love the physical challenge, the adventure, the beauty, and the inevitable power of being present with the energies of the land.  That said, my trip up the rock made very clear a very important message I want to share with you – one that is as applicable in your career and business as it is on the trail.

Watch the video now — it’s under 2 minutes long… surely you have 2 minutes for stunning beauty and inspiration, right?

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