You Will Never Arrive

I’m back with another video from my time in Sedona, Arizona.  I hiked the West Fork trail which traverses the west fork of Oak Creek.  Plenty of creek crossings, skipping over stones, and wandering in the canyon as it gets deeper and deeper.  We experienced quite a bit of sunshine, rain, thunder, cold air, and fog. Yes we had 100% weather during these 6+ miles.

As we progressed everyone (coming the other way on this out and back trail) kept saying – the end is about 20-30 minutes from here. We heard this over and over even after we walked and walked.  That brought me to today’s lesson from the trail… the idea that you will someday “arrive” or get “There”… is a myth.  There is no “there” there… and there is no such thing as arriving.  Learn more about what this means for you and how it applies to your career and business by clicking and watching the video…It’ll only take 1:27 seconds out of your day…and the views of the canyon are gorgeous!

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