Life Lessons from the Movie Up

Up the MovieIt took me long enough to finally watch the movie Up but I have to say that not only did I love it, it just oozes with life lessons that are incredibly relevant, particularly these days when everything can seem so complex and confusing.  Fundamentally living a rich life doesn’t have to be hard, we just make it that way.

Here’s the top three wisdom nuggets from the movie that I want to share with you.

1) Don’t Put Your Dreams on the Shelf for “Someday”

In the movie Carl and Ellie meet as young children and turn into lifelong sweethearts.  What attracts them is their love of adventure and a dream of going to an idyllic, remote place in South America called Paradise Falls.  Like so many people, however, life gets in the way.  The dream gets put on the back burner and then one day it is too late.  When Ellie dies Carl mourns not only the loss of his love but of his lifelong dream and his commitment to Ellie that they would one day go to Paradise Falls.  He feels like he’s failed his love and himself. The grief and regret is palpable even in this animated masterpiece.   Ask yourself – what dream(s) have I thrown in a corner somewhere and given up on?  What will I have regretted not doing if tomorrow were my last day of this life?

2) Love Well and Enjoy Every Day

It’s not only about the big monumental moments.  Absolutely say YES to the big dreams. It is equally important to say YES to every day and the small miracles that surround you (if only you look).  In the movie Carl and Ellie have their share of trials.  Ellie loses her baby and they face illness together.  Through it all they love each other well.  The tenderness, caring, and joy they exude everyday is a testament to living and loving well.  Sure it’s Disney, but frankly they got this one right without a lot of sap.  Just obvious joy in being companions on the journey of life.

3) It is Never Too Late; You are Never Too Old

Carl is 78 years old and Ellie has died.  Yet by a strange twist of fate and a goofy little boy scout, Carl sets off to Paradise Falls.  Granted it is travel via helium balloons and homestead, but an adventure nonetheless.  While this is the bulk of the movie and is hilarious at times, it drives home the point that it is never too late to honor your dreams and those you love.  Life is meant to be an adventure and there’s nothing like diving in and treating it as one.  While I won’t give away the ending for those of you who haven’t seen it, let’s just say that it is also never too late to find meaning and purpose in your life.  While the focus of your actions shifts with the seasons of your life, your essence is always there.

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  1. “While the focus of your actions shifts with the seasons of your life, your essence is always there.”

    Really thanks for writing these lessons, i resonate with them, thanks for illuminating them to us.

    Amazed. Inspired. Grateful. That’s how your generosity makes me feel.

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