Listen to the Quiet Ones

Listen to the quiet thoughtful advice

Our world is full of a lot of loud, noisy divisive voices. That was the case even before the global pandemic turned every day into a shouting match and a sh*t show in just about every corner of our daily life and online experience.

There is a lot of yelling but not a great deal of depth.  The same holds true in the business arena.  Just as the United States was locking down, Internet Gurus were ramping up with “Proven” big ticket ways to thrive during this time.  I was receiving email newsletters from people I had not gotten one from in years. Bold statements were being made about how the actions you take in the next 7 days will determine the trajectory of your small business forever. Forever?  I am trying to figure out which way is up and now I need to worry about all these actions that will make or break my business?

Holy crap! I am sorry, but you can find me in the upstairs bedroom curled in the fetal position next to my cat thank you very much.

I don’t know about you but when circumstances throw me for a tumble back to the bottom rung of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as I scramble for toilet paper and food while fearing virus zombies at every turn of the grocery aisle, I truly do not need some business expert broadcasting live from their beachside mansion adding fear topping to my all-you-can-eat size plate of fear and uncertainty. 

How is this of service to anyone except their bottom line?

I am one to call BS when I see it. If someone is promising you a proven roadmap through these unprecedented times, take a moment, jumpstart your brain and think about that.  Unprecedented means never before known or experienced.  So if it has never before been known or experienced how can someone sell you the “proven answer” because they have been through it before?

I understand the visceral need for answers, certainty, and security right now, I really do. Last weekend I lay on my camping sleep pad in the office shedding tears and grieving for trips already cancelled (and more on the chopping block).  Yes this is a “first-world” problem of privilege.  Is it as painful as losing people you love? No.  but comparing your pain to someone else’s is always a losing battle. You need to honor your feelings and circumstances without making it “wrong”.

Remember… BOTH – AND.  Two things can be true at the same time. You can be grateful AND angry.  Compassionate AND sad. And so forth.

I offer my clients strategies and proven ways to navigate difficult times coupled with a way of strengthening their own discernment around what decisions to make right now, but providing THE answers? Ha! Not even close!

I cannot even figure out which ways my planned adventure trips are going to cancel, postpone, or go sideways as I proceed each day with landscape that is shifting under all our feet each and every day. How the heck could I possibly say with integrity that I have THE ONE GOLDEN answer?

Where do the best insights and hope live right now?

The most valuable insights to be found right now live in the quiet spaces. The wisest insights are coming from the quiet ones.  The thoughtful people in all walks of life that can think in complexities and have the capacity to acknowledge that disparate truths can exist at the same time without demonizing “the other”.

  • Being able to make smart decisions that have nuance.
  • Creating adaptable websites that do not cost an arm and a leg to change and evolve.
  • Saying no to the costly expenses that no longer fit for you.
  • Marketing activity that is sustainable and fits your personality.
  • Taking proactive care of website security so when emergencies happen in the world and your life, your business assets are not at risk.

All of these are the solid, count-on-able, quiet ways to invest wisely without succumbing to one shining golden answer. They are realistic, practical, results-driven ways to make progress in your business.

And even though they are quiet, they are heartfelt. That’s what I want, for both my business and for yours. If a quiet but solid conversation about where your web needs are is of interest to you, I’m your gal. You can count on me to listen thoroughly. To recommend something useful. And suggest possible next steps. No ginsu knives though, I draw the line at ginsu knives.

Ready to take me up?

Contact me here and we’ll set up a time to have a conversation and discover how a “both…and” approach can be just what your business needs right now.

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