Multi-tasking Madness Leads to Burnout

One of the top reasons so many of us are feeling haggard, burned out, and generally stressed (sometimes bordering on losing our sanity) is our incessant need to multitask.  It used to seem that doing two things at once was an art form and could lead to a productivity boost.  Now, however, it seems we have all overdone it. Believe me, I know what I speak about because I have a tendency to multi-task more than I should.

According to this article in Time magazine, apparently we’ve lost our minds when it comes to multi-tasking and we’re creating our own ADHD society.  I’ve personally been frightened when I see drivers barrelling down the road reading the newspaper and putting on makeup.  The part of this article where the person talks about answering their Blackberry while making love reaches a whole new level of disbelief in my book. What are people thinking?


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