No Apologies – An Accidental Entrepreneur

Do you have to be a business geek in order to start your own business? Can you be successful if you are not inherently entrepreneurial? Ever worry that you won’t cut it if you take the leap for self-employment?

In this episode of No Apologies I tell you a bit of my own story about the path to being a small business owner.  It’s not what you think. I was never a lemonade stand selling or paper route carrying kid.  In fact, I was never big on studying business related things (despite my degree with honors in accounting). Yet after 17 years in a career that did not fit, I discovered the path to freedom. You just might be an accidental entrepreneur too.

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2 thoughts on “No Apologies – An Accidental Entrepreneur”

  1. Thanks for your posts Paula! I just started following you and really like your style. Love the No Apologies video!! I can relate.

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