Put Your Problems on the Back Burner

Ever have a problem or challenge that you just can’t seem to solve? Perhaps you’ve stewed over Back Burnerit a while, tried to force a solution, and gotten frustrated in the process? You toiled away for hours or days on end to no avail. Then, all of a sudden out of nowhere an idea comes to you when you least expect it – in the shower, taking a walk, shopping for groceries.

We’ve all had this experience. I know myself in my many years doing computer programming I might hit a snag and then go absolutely insane trying to find a problem. I would toil, curse, scream, and rip my hair out and not be able to solve it. Then, if I walked away from it or simply asked someone with a fresh set of eyes to look at it – boom – there is a simple answer and the problem gets solved in a matter of minutes the path forward gets clear in an instant.

What if you could tap into this ease and power from the get go? Well you can, if you’re willing to put things on the back burner. Read the Rest of How to Put Your Problems on the Back Burner…

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