What’s Your Swagger Say?

I’m still basking in my trip to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four in Tampa, Florida and will NCAA Women’s Final Four Tampahave a variety of insights to write about in the coming days. One comment that was made on ESPN as I was watching games leading up to the Final Four was about an opposing player commenting about what a swagger Candace Parker the star player for Tennessee Lady Vols has. Well you know what — on her the swagger works and is totally authentic.

I’m sure you’ve seen people who have a strut and an air about them that seems so arrogant, pompous, and fake, right? Well, that’s because it doesn’t fit who they are. If you’re trying to swagger and you don’t have the goods, well, you look like a jerk and other people try to avoid you (or mock you) at all costs. That holds true whether your domain is the basketball court or the boardroom. If your presence, personality, and the way you carry yourself doesn’t match who you really are… you appear fake and contrived. Not to mention, I bet you don’t feel very comfortable in your own skin either because you’re attempting to hold up a facade.

In this case, though, I found her whole swagger to be quite appealing. I had the chance to watch her fairly up close and personal in the practices and public sessions and while she has a huge presence, it just feels 100% authentic. I mean she’s basically the Michael Jordan of women’s basketball for goodness sakes. And, she’s a very intelligent, well-spoken leader and team player. She carries herself with a lot of poise, authenticity, and confidence. The little swagger strut that comes with it just works because it fits – her stature and talent on and off the court.

How about you? Is the way you carry and present yourself congruent with who you really are? Give it some thought, ask yourself how you feel in your own body, and ask a few trusted friends… It’s worth noticing if you show up as the real deal of who you are and what you’re about. Your ability to succeed on your own terms depends on it — I’d even bet my coveted Final Four souvenirs and photos on it!

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