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“It was great to have you share your story and wisdom with the staff at LSAC. It was a pretty amazing experience you created in a short period of time. The participants really appreciated it and mentioned it was a good use of their lunch time. That is a big compliment – especially on such a beautiful day. Thanks for the wonderful journey!”

–Pat Kilgannon, Training Specialist, Law School Admission Council

“A big thank you to Paula Gregorowicz who spoke to our group this morning on Time Management. If anyone needs an educational speaker for your group or any advice on your business I cannot recommend Paula enough. She is so engaging when she speaks and full of knowledge to help any business owner.

–Franca Caserta

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“When I first saw Paula speak at the Montgomery County Community College Woman-Owned Business Network I felt as if she was speaking directly to me.  At the time I was a brand new business owner and her straight-forward and humorous style put me at ease.  She made it okay to talk about difficult issues like how your lack of confidence and lack of courage can be detrimental to your business and to your life.  Many of the women in group commented that they had never seen a presentation quite like hers.  Six months later when I was on the planning committee for the college’s business expo Paula was the first person I thought of to ask to speak.  Again, she did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend her to any group that could use a little inspiration.”

– Linda Bandura, L.B. Marketing Group

“This woman Paula is a God-send.  The information she shared is tremendous!  I could not say enough good things about the session.”  – -Network Now Audience Member

“On our recent BlogHer panel, Paula added tremendous value through her unique perspective on professional coaching.  Approachable, comfortable and more than willing to engage with the audience, Paula instinctively understood when to jump in and smoothly worked with other panelists to provide a powerful combination of personal insight and professional advice.  It was one of the best panels I have ever participated in, in no small part thanks to Paula’s significant contribution.”

– Maggie Fox, Founder/CEO, Social Media Group

“Paula’s emphasis was that if you are not comfortable with who you are then you will not be able to be successful in any relationship including your work, family, with yourself and your goals, your financial situation, etc.  Paula gave direct examples of three secrets to knowing yourself, getting grounded and releasing fear, expectation and judgment.  She convinced us all to do an “inner inquiry” and opened our eyes to a wonderful here and now.  I highly recommend Paula to open your eyes to the here and now and make your own personal difference for a better life.”

– Cass Forkin, Founder & Executive Director, Twilight Wish Foundation

“Paula was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were lucky to retain her for our monthly Allied Professional Women Power Breakfast and received wonderful feedback from our members. Paula was full of positive advice and inspiration for our day to day lives, and provided for a powerful start to our Monday morning. We would recommend Paula’s speaking engagements to any group looking for a boost in morale and motivation. “

– Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA™, President, Francis Financial

“I want to personally thank you for speaking at our chapter meeting last night. It was absolutely fantastic. The buzz word was thank you so much “she was great”. I really like the 3-5 min exercise. Confidence is within us and with applying your strategies will help bring it out. I like the fact that you define what is/is not confidence. You left us with a call to action with the three ways (expertise, customize solutions and comparison).You were well organized in your delivery. Thank you for sharing your expertise/sense of humor.”

– Carla L. Shipman, NAPO-GPC, Director of Professional Development

“Paula brings the point home to business owners that there is a gentle balance when it comes to pricing and how we value our services as entrepreneurs.  She has wonderful insight as to how to walk this tightrope  – valuing ourselves, as well as doing the very best we can for our clients. Paying attention to this issue is vital to having a successful business. Thank you Paula for sharing your wisdom!”

-Chanin Milnazik,Creative Alpha, BrownDogDesign

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