Are You Managing Your Staff Or Do They Have You on a Short Leash?

Are You Managing Your Staff or Are They Managing You?

Do you have trouble getting your staff to carry out procedures?

When you make requests of your staff does it feel like it falls on deaf ears?

Do you find yourself performing tasks your staff is responsible for because if you don’t do it, no one will?

You are not alone.

I frequently hear from clients that they are hopelessly frustrated and cannot figure out how to get people (their employees) to do what they want.

This is not ok.

Repeat after me:

It is NOT ok if the people you are paying to do a job are not doing their jobs.

You are the business owner.

You are the one paying their salary (and benefits).

You are the one assuming the risk of running the enterprise.

Being abused by your staff is not part of the bargain.

If your staff is ignoring your requests or defiantly thumbing their nose at your authority, something is wrong. The longer you put up with it, the worse it gets. It is akin to letting the inmates run the asylum (though lets hope your business doesn’t feel like an asylum!).

If you want to experience a blatant disregard for your requests and outright indifference, adopt a cat. (I may be a cat lover, but I am clear who is REALLY in charge in my house!)

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Intuitive Intelligence™ Podcast with Dana Theus

Dana TheusI’m excited to have as my guest on today’s podcast – Dana Theus. As a leadership consultant, facilitator and coach, Dana Theus helps her clients access their power to step boldly into the future, to master the dynamics of change and transformation and to direct their energies towards changing the world for the better.  I first met Dana in 2010 at the BlogHer conference in New York City. We hit it off immediately. Since that time I’ve been blessed to stay connected with and partner with Dana as we both bring important work to the world to help women truly live their lives fully and at the peak of their success.

We have the crazy notion in common that women…professional, successful women like you already have the power within you to change the world, speak your truth, and live your best life.  Yet, you’re not meant to go it alone… the lone ranger … even the lone ranger had an assistant!  You have the power IN you…which is where Dana’s InPower Coaching comes from.

In our time together you’ll get to know more about Dana’s leadership experience with some of the most prestigious companies and government agencies in the country and how she is using that experience now to guide individuals and organizations toward a bigger game and better results.

You can learn more about Dana and read her frankly awesome blog posts at Reclaiming Leadership. Dana also has a powerful new offering launching later this month (October 24, 2011) called,  Speak Your Truth to Power. It is delivered as an eCourse and you’ll definitely want to check it out.

The running time of our interview is 40 minutes (that’s enough for one great cardio workout or commute!)

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Does Worrying What Others Might Think Stop You in Your Tracks?

Today I was inspired to create this quick video.  Pardon the dim lighting on this one, but it was truly a moment of inspiration in response to something that happened to me that I know you can benefit from.  If you’ve ever been stopped in your tracks or holding back because you are worried what others might think or say, this is for you. If you’ve ever had your whole day (maybe your whole week or month) ruined because someone said something to you – either accusatory, negative, or confrontational… this is for you.  Sending you much love – because you are here to shine your light in the world… and take a moment to listen to this message.

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