Does Worrying What Others Might Think Stop You in Your Tracks?

Today I was inspired to create this quick video.  Pardon the dim lighting on this one, but it was truly a moment of inspiration in response to something that happened to me that I know you can benefit from.  If you’ve ever been stopped in your tracks or holding back because you are worried what others might think or say, this is for you. If you’ve ever had your whole day (maybe your whole week or month) ruined because someone said something to you – either accusatory, negative, or confrontational… this is for you.  Sending you much love – because you are here to shine your light in the world… and take a moment to listen to this message.

1 thought on “Does Worrying What Others Might Think Stop You in Your Tracks?”

  1. I had a powerful experience this weekend, one that taught me a very valuable lesson. The lesson is that it’s none of my business what others think of me. My focus MUST remain on what God thinks of me and whether I am remaining true to my mission and the vision for my life.

    Last Friday, a man posted three very rude comments on this blog…comments that attacked me directly. Luckily, I have a very good sense of humor and was able to laugh his comments off. But it got me to thinking – how often to I worry about what others think about me, and how energy have I wasted trying to control others?

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