Reinvention is the Best Revenge

I just read this fabulous article from More Magazine called Reinvention is the Best Revenge.  It drives home a few important points:

  • A disappointment (or even a terrible tragedy) can actually be a blessing that opens the door to new possibilities you never would have considered while you were stuck in your status quo.
  • You can’t worry about what others will think – people operate from their own perceptions and you and only you can make the wisest choices for you.
  • Today is the only day you have at your disposal.  Start making the changes you want to see right here, right now.
  • Security is not what you think it is – so create your own (the only REAL security there is).
  • Use your own authenticity (even the messy, sometimes embarrassing stuff) to propel you forward.

2 thoughts on “Reinvention is the Best Revenge”

  1. The last point you mentioned, "use your own authenticity" is so appropriate! We know that sometimes this authenticity is not always comfortable but being in that true self will always reap the greatest rewards! Thanks for another great post, Paula!

  2. Thank YOU Jennifer! Absolutely once you stand in your knowing that your authenticity is valuable then you can be in a state of certitude and confidence even when it isn't comfortable. I call it getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. There is magic and breakthroughs there.

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