AEP 003 – How to Navigate Obstacles: A Tale of a Murphy’s Law Morning

What do you do when your best laid plans for the day go awry?

How to Navigate Obstacles

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13 Things To Do When You Resilience is Low (And 1 Thing You Should NEVER Do)

You know those days when it feels like nothing is going right, you feel down, depleted, and your resilience is flat out low to nonexistent? Yeah, they happen to me too. They are inevitable.

Yet as a small business owner, what are you to do? After all, if you’re self-employed and not able to focus on your work, not much happens. Even as you attempt to focus or get stuff done in spite of it all, you are met with a foggy brain, lack of focus, low energy, and even less results. This can leave you feeling even further behind and fuel those raw, vulnerable feelings.

Whether your resilience is low because you have a cold, didn’t sleep well, are navigating personal issues, or any number of life’s challenges you can still make wise choices around what to do and where to invest your energy.

13 Things To Do When You Resilience is Low

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Roll with the Punches [Business Flow Video]

Sometimes stuff just happens.  The client doesn’t pay, registrations for your event aren’t what you hoped, cr*p hits the fan.  In today’s installment let’s talk about rolling with the punches because that is sometimes the soundest strategy.

See how an almost nixed trip turned into something great and how you can apply the same principles to your business to experience more flow versus just getting whacked upside the head.

From Storms Beauty Emerges [Business Flow Video]

After a storm, it is always calm, beautiful, and glorious outside. Yet within that storm it can feel like you will never make it through. In your life and business when you hit stormy weather – financial challenges, difficult clients, lack of clients, problem with your team – the same holds true. Navigate wisely to emerge on the other side.

What have you noticed about navigating the storms in your life or business? Comment below…

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How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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