Rest & Relaxation for Business Owners – Luxury or Lifeblood?

Rest & Relaxation is Lifeblood not Luxury for Small Business OwnersRest & Relaxation (R&R) is not just a luxury for the well-to-do. It is essential to our well-being and is truly not optional.  It is the lifeblood that keeps us sharp mentally and physically while giving our creative juices time to rejuvenate.

When I say R&R, what picture or words come to mind?  Do you see R&R only as being a lavish vacation or available only to the “ladies who lunch”?  Do you hear some authority figure yelling at you that you’re lazy, unproductive, and will never amount to anything?  Do you simply see your to-do list growing if you even contemplate “relaxing”?

You wouldn’t think of running your car nonstop without preventative maintenance, turning it off at night, or stopping for fuel.  If you did, it’d break down and simply stop functioning.  So, what makes you think your body and mind should be any different and be expected to trudge on constantly? [Read more…]

AEP 008 – Building in Recovery Time

Building in Recovery Time as a Self-Employed Business Owner

What’s a busy business owner to do?  Travel, speaking engagements, client commitments… it can feel overwhelming and exhausting. In today’s episode we talk about the secret to staying well, keeping your edge, and creating breathing space.

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AEP 002 – The Art of Taking Time Off

Welcome to Episode 2 of Fun & Profit for the Active Entrepreneur Podcast!

The Art of Taking Time Off

Today let’s talk about the Art of Taking Time Off. I just got back from over a week of being fully disconnected and loving every minute of it.

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Soothe that Nervous System! [Business Flow]

Sometimes life and business can leave you feeling  That’s when you most need to let the dust settle, soothe your nervous system, and step away.

Watch this video about how and why this is crucial for effective decision making and well-being in body and business.

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What do you do to soothe your nerves when you can’t take it anymore?

How to Choose [Business Flow]

By the very nature of choices…when we say yes to one thing, we say numerous no’s to other things. It’s called opportunity cost. The (cost) of opportunities we forego when we choose something.

There’s no right or wrong choice…and sometimes we have to choose what serves us most, instead of “shoulds” or “obligations”. Sometimes we need to speed up, other times the need is to slow down and heal.

Today’s video talks about making one of those choices and how you can be more discerning in how you choose.

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