Taking Time for YOU

I had the pleasure of being a guest blogger over at Mombian yesterday. While I geared the article toward the lesbian Mom’s out there, all the advice holds true for each and every woman attempting to juggle multiple things in her life. Hmmm, I guess that means all of us (me included!) 😉

Check out the article “Taking Time for YOU” over at Mombian. Here’s a little snippet to get you intrigued….

Why is taking uninterrupted time just for yourself so important? Well, you wouldn’t drive your car on “Empty” without any gas in it, would you? You wouldn’t write checks from your bank account without first making a deposit, would you? Your personal engine works the same way and it needs to be recharged in more ways than one to keep running optimally.

So, as we approach the weekend, hop on over to read the article and see how you can start filling up your own personal gas tank.

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