Wisdom from The Matrix Movie

I’m not a huge Sci-Fi fan. I was as a kid, but outgrew it pretty early on. Yet, over the last few years I have watched all 3 of the movies in The Matrix Trilogy. While the movies tend to confuse me on some level and have far too much gunfire for my nerves, I still find myself gripped by the mystery of it all. Maybe it is just the uber-sexy Carrie Ann Moss playing Trinity The Matrixthat keeps me hooked, but I know there is more to it than that. This past weekend we watched The Matrix Revolutions which is the third in the series and offers perhaps the greatest words of wisdom from the entire series.

To give you some grasp of context, in the movie The Oracle (who is like the omniscient being, think the Yoda of The Matrix) predicts what Neo (“The One”, the sort of main character savior guy) must do to essentially save the world (in this case known as Zion). To make a long story short, the story ends as The Oracle predicted. At the end of the movie she is asked (and don’t you just LOVE how the omniscient one is a woman?) “Did you always know?”. And, she gave what is perhaps the best life lesson I’ve heard in a long time “I didn’t know, but I always believed.” Pretty powerful statement.

What makes it so profound is the fact that no one can ever truly “know” anything. There are no sure things, guarantees, or truly “known” anythings. No matter how high and low we seek and regardless of how many so called experts you ask, you still can’t 100% “know”. So when it comes to the future, an endeavor, relationships, or your very existence, the only answer you can honestly give is “I don’t know”. I don’t know how long I’ll be alive. I don’t know how deep someone else’s love is for me. I don’t know if this, that, or the other thing is going to work out a certain way. I just don’t (and can’t) know.

With a bleak declaration like that you might wonder – so how does one go about living life, making plans, and setting goals? That is where the belief part comes in. Trust and belief are perhaps two of the most powerful forces there are. Just like the quotes “If you believe, you can achieve” and other great mantras, anything is truly possible if you believe. You may or may not actually realize what you’re building, planning, or seeking, but it is indeed possible. The stronger your belief is, the stronger your efforts (action) and energetic pull (that invisible piece of attraction) becomes. As a result, a strong belief is critical for real success.

So next time you have an insatiable desire to “know”, do your due diligence, and then focus your attention on belief. It may well be the difference between success and failure.

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