The Lines That Divide Us

Today I was catching up on some blog reading & happened to see this post. I don’t tend to take the time to watch a lot of video online. After all the vast amount to choose from is immense. Yet this one caught my eye and my heart.

It is a video (Part 2 of 3) of a series from a teen challenge day. Watch in amazement at the reaction of even the bullies. As someone who was bullied a lot as a kid and even an adult for being different, something I would bet all LGBT folks can relate to, it is an emotional flashback. All too often this same sort of judgment and harsh words extends well into adulthood. The workplace and even our families are unfortunately just an extension of this very environment.

The one girl says it best – It just seems so natural to say these hurtful things, tease, and judge. We think it is harmless, but it is not. I have to add — the same holds true for our own self-talk…how many of us are our own worst bully?

Press play to start watching. You may need a few tissues to get through it and I guarantee you’ll want to say I’m sorry to those you’ve hurt with your words and judgments. I know I am sorry.

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