Are You Doing What You CAN Do?

This week I thought about this question quite a bit. As a lover of nature and especially animals, I was struck with a conflict. As I was mowing the lawn on Monday I startled a sick and injured robin. It hobbled toward a tree and just sat there. I watched this poor thing sit there scared and hop back and forth attempting to fly, fluttering into the neighbor’s fence, and basically sitting still with its head drooped.

It just pained me to no end to watch this. I thought for sure by morning it would have died. In fact I even dug a mini grave for it in anticipation. However, it was still alive. Now you have to realize that I watch the birds all day in our backyard. I can see them from my office, I see them as I sit on the porch, and notice them from every window of every room. I love to see them and hear them chirp and sing. While my parents hate the woodpecker in their yard I welcome the rat-tat-tat. I’ve always found even the most ordinary bird amazing. This tiny being who can do so much – sing, chirp, build nests, lay eggs, nurture young, and fly. I mean really, humans may have opposable thumbs, but…

So here I sat with a schedule full of appointments and business and I couldn’t get my mind and heart off this bird. My partner then called to tell me of a local wild bird rehabilitation center she found online. So I called them. She suggested I bring the bird in. So there I was constructing a shoe box with newspapers, a double bagged zip lock with warm water to comfort the bird, and gently picking up this suffering creature to lay him in it for transport. With a bunch of air holes and a rock on top to secure the lid, off I went to drive 30 minutes to try and help it.

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