Tolerations and Cleaning the Fridge

I’ve talked about tolerations Zap Tolerations - Clean the Fridgebefore those little and big things we just put up with that sap our energy, often without us even knowing it. I was reminded of this very thing recently as we kept procrastinating about cleaning out our refrigerator. Not just throwing things out but truly taking every last piece of food and shelving out and really cleaning it up.

It probably went on for several months…opening the fridge and saying “We really need to clean it out” and then shutting it and ignoring it. It wasn’t filthy, but it had a few sticky spots here, a few marks there. And as the late George Carlin once said in one of his routines about the funky stuff you find in the fridge – “look here’s some dried up fault ridden pudding skin!”. Those science experiments that inevitably crop up, typically in the furthest reaches of the fridge.

So last Sunday, after opening a tupperware that was in there and discovering some old shredded apple that was furrier than Robin Williams’ back, we decided the time had come.

It only took us around 30-45 minutes and in that time we were able to clean everything inside and out in the fridge and freezer. Using a great and earth friendly concoction of baking soda and water every last mark and mess came clean easily. We were able to toss the questionable Asian condiments that had no expiration date marked on them, consolidate items, and generally rearrange the stuff.

In the end I can say it felt SO good!

While I don’t suggest becoming a clean freak, the art of elimination and handling things that bug you right away can be a huge energy saver. Not to mention doing a small project like this is great for bringing yourself into integrity and opening the doorway for new things to flow into your life – opportunities, business, money, whatever. There may not SEEM to be a connection, but trust me, there is. When you clean up the things you are tolerating it sets the wheels in motion for good things.

Whether you engage in something like an integrity day where you set aside a whole day to handle tolerations or simply vow to handle one a week, you will create space, momentum, and plain old feel much much better.

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