Are You as Comfortable in Your Skin as Hillary Clinton?

I love when I get real life examples of the sheer power of being comfortable in your own skin that I can share with you. As much as I believe in its power, sometimes you have to see it in action to really let it hit home. That’s why I so enjoyed what I’m going to share with you.

Now, whether you love or hate Hillary Clinton, you have to agree that she is a powerful woman. Even if you don’t follow the political debates (goodness knows I don’t at this stage of the game) the following comments from Arianna Huffington in her blog yesterday are proof in the pudding that who we are be-ing speaks volumes.

Hillary Clinton won because she arrived at the debate as the front-runner — with a widening lead in national polls — and left the debate with her position solidified. Her success was due in part to what she did during the debate, and in part to what Barack Obama failed to do.

She came across as more comfortable in her own skin, and more natural and less programmed than in the past. And she exhibited an effortless charm that those close to her often rave about but that the public rarely sees.

If the ability to be natural and comfy in your skin can have this sort of impact on the center stage of the political world, what might be possible for you if you could tap into just 10% more self-esteem, confidence, and self-truth in your life?

I know the feeling is a “Wow” and the idea of having this sort of power and comfort be effortless is is certainly inspiring to me. If you want to learn how to get started tapping into this in your life, sign up for the free eCourse (top left sidebar of this page) which will show you how.

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  1. Hey, Paula!

    Your blog turned up on a list of blogs my friend and colleague, Mark Silver, reads regularly – high praise given that the context was how few blogs are worth reading. Naturally, I bopped over to see what you'd written lately. Love the the comfortable in your own skin theme!


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