Turning Fear into Freedom

As you may know, I am pretty passionate about using your fear for something greater.  We all have fear, and you’re never going to get rid of it fully, so why not harness it for good?  Why not make it your friend so you can move forward in your life with what you say you want instead of all that junk you say you don’t want?  In fact I’m so passionate about it, I even wrote a 5 part e-Course on turning your fear into freedom and give it to you for free, as my gift.  I feel that strongly about it.

So you can imagine I really enjoyed this recent video by Jonathan Fields called “Turning Fear Into Fuel”.  As a general  rule I enjoy his thoughtful, edgy, and spot-on posts.  Yet, this one really hit home for me because I recently had to walk through some of my biggest fears as I faced the death of my Mom, speaking at her funeral, and the great unknown abyss that faces me now only one week from her memorial services.  These events in my personal life reinforced for me the sense of controlled urgency we should all live with.  As the song Hand Me the Wine and the Dice from the musical Aspects of Love says “Death says live while you may for I am coming.”  In my book that isn’t a bell that tolls in doom but one that reminds daily that there is no day like today to make sure you’re living on purpose, pursuing the things that matter most to you, and being the person you most want to be.

It’s a worthwhile 18 minutes to sit back and watch Jonathan’s video…

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  1. Knowing that fear is energy it should be a no brainer that this can help fuel success but alas you need something to fuel, you. Harness that energy and channel it into action. Take the first step in spite of fear!
    My recent post The Lighter Side

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