Turning Ideas Into Reality: It’s All About Execution

Lots of people have great ideas, yet few actually do what it takes for their ideas to see the light of day and come to life. Whether your idea is for a new product, experience you wish to have, or a better way of doing business, you need to transform your vision into reality. Otherwise, nothing happens.

I happened upon the TEDx video of Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen today after reading some of his tips in a magazine. What he shared really resonated with me. Not just as an entrepreneur but as someone who has worked in organizations where instead of leveraging the different talents of people (the brainstormers, do-ers, etc.) all innovation screeched to a halt in the name of staying the status quo and keeping the peace. This 18 minute video is well worth your time:

Moving ideas into reality is all about execution and implementation. So why does this critical step get lost most of the time? Well, being the one toiling away and cranking out tasks is simply not as sexy as being the visionary, idea generating revolutionary type. Ideas are easy, implementation is hard.

Anyone who owns their own business and has gotten a brilliant idea and then had to move it into action knows that it’s a long walk down that path. Ideas can happen instantly. Bringing them to fruition takes longer. It involves a lot of action, perseverance, and tenacity. You can get bored, unmotivated, frustrated, discouraged, and generally sick of your own idea before you hit completion. That’s where so many good ideas fade into the sunset.

Here are my top 3 tips for making your ideas a reality.

Keep an Idea File

Don’t behave like popcorn in a popper where everytime you get an idea you start on it and then quit the minute you have another brainstorm. Create an electronic document (I personally love something like Evernote so you have it handy wherever you are) called “Ideas” and when you get one – mark it down. Any supporting information for your idea can live here as well. In this way you never lose track of any good ideas and you don’t waste time on the not so great ideas that seemed great in the moment (say over that third beer with your buddy).

Schedule Time for the Important Stuff

This is all about disconnecting from the daily, reactionary flow of life and stepping away to focus on the important stuff. This is where you hone your strategies and give focus, reflection, and quality effort toward moving your big ideas forward.

Get Help

You can only see what you can see. You need the perspectives and skillsets of others to move your best ideas into reality. You can’t create in a vacuum and you shouldn’t spend time on areas that are not your strengths. If you’re a big picture person, get help with the details. If you get lost in the myriad of small stuff, delegate. Ask for and receive feedback from others who would be the beneficiary of your new great thing. Ideas don’t happen and make an impact in the privacy of your own head.

Now, get out there and bring your inspired ideas to life!

Turning Ideas into Reality
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  1. The tips seem so simple but too many of us don't take the time to do simple! I would also suggest being part of a mastermind group or some other group you can trust to help brainstorm ideas. This is especially helpful if you are right on the cusp of something and need to get some "public opinion" on it to justify making the leap.
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    1. Thanks for commenting Julie. Simple is usually the best solution. I agree – we don't often take the time to do the simple because we're too busy making things harder than they need to be!

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