What if the Very Thing You Hate Holds the Key?

What do you hateWhat bugs you? Who really plugs you in? What quality in that person really pisses you off?

What if I told you that the very thing you hate holds a most important secret to your success?  That’s a pretty loaded statement I realize, but what I know from my own personal roadblocks and from coaching others is that the very things we can’t be with, won’t let us be.  It is damn near impossible to succeed when you are at war within yourself.  Imagine the ultimate tug-of-war happening right within your own mind and body.  Does that sound like some success strategy?  I don’t think so!  Yet so often we find ourselves living out this tug-of-war either consciously or unconsciously within us day after day after day.  And then we wonder why we’re not happy, not following our passions, or lacking meaning in our lives.

I have had this powerful visceral experience more than once in my life.  The one where I am just so resistant that smoke is coming out of my ears. Or I have such a righteous position that I can’t see straight.  Then all of a sudden something happens and Boom! it is like someone switched on the light in a dark room and woke me up.  Woke me up to what was really going on inside of me.  The reasons why I was being so resistant or righteous or stuck or whatever.  Usually because there was an underlying feeling or part of me that I didn’t like. So, instead I played stubborn or destructive or avoided it altogether which of course resulted in nothing but self-sabotage and tears of yet another goal or dream gone by the wayside. The instant I could shift my thinking and relationship with myself the obstacles in my path started to melt away.  The joy factor goes way up and not surprisingly so does the success factor.  They really are related.

I find myself passionately revisiting these principles for myself and my clients as I watch the new Debbie Ford movie The Shadow Effect and engage in dialogue about the shadow.  The world we currently live in is so very ripe for this message.  People waking up each day to jobs being less secure than ever, facing financial troubles never imagined in their lifetime, and a media industry that thrives on and fuels drama. No wonder we seem to be either whipped into a frenzy or totally numbing out because it is just too much.  It doesn’t have to be that way, though and the choices begin with a willingness to go inside and looking within yourself for the gifts, the answers, and the brilliance that is there in spite of it all.

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