What You Can Learn from a Morning in the Fog

Lessons on Focus and Mindfulness from the FogRecently I was visiting one of my favorite coastal spots, Rehoboth Beach. I love to kayak in Rehoboth Bay and so early one Sunday we headed out to the put in shortly after sunrise. While it was sunny at the beach, by the time we reached the bay it was a thick sheet of fog. After debating for a bit whether we should still paddle or give it up, we decided that the fog was going to burn off very shortly so we launched our boats into the mist.

Visibility was very limited. We could see maybe 20-40 feet in front of us. We could hear motor boats roaring in the distance but knew that the tidal marsh area we would be paddling would be free of motor boats because of its very shallow waters. What transpired over the next several hours was truly magical.

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