What to Do When You Want to Start Over Again

Despite all my great intentions and plans, the start of 2007 ended up to be a total dud for me. Mainly because late on New Year’s Eve I got sick & so I spent the first week of 2007 with a bad fever, head cold, cough, and more. To add to the drama, my dear cat needed an emergency trip to the vet (all is well now) and I didn’t sleep one bit because of all my coughing. Not quite the strong start I had in mind for the fresh new year.

I found myself moping physically, spiritually, and emotionally about the whole thing. I rounded it out with a big pity party and drove my partner insane in numerous ways (I am a bad patient, my coughing kept her up every night too, and my bad mood was getting on her nerves). What I really wanted was a “do-over”. I simply wanted to start this whole 2007 thing over fresh and new.

So, this weekend, I did. While I can’t turn back the actual calendar, I knew I needed to clear out my physical, mental, and emotional space so I could start over with all my big plans, goals, and intentions for this great year ahead of us. Working with my coach (yes, any coach worth their meddle better be walking their talk and working on their own stuff) I discovered that what I really needed was to take time this past weekend and have some rituals that would allow me the fresh start I truly desired.

I got my partner’s buy in and interest and we set about our ritual. We started Saturday by purging our place of holiday stuff. We took down all the decorations inside and out and tossed the leftover cookies and other remainders of the holiday past. Then, on Sunday we set the intention to clear out the old and welcome in a new, fresh set of energies. After our morning meditation ritual we made up our own little hybrid ritual. A combination of the Native American ritual of Medicine Cards and finished off with some journaling. While we certainly didn’t follow any prescribed rules for anything, we did go with what felt right and needed in the space we were in (physically and otherwise).

By the time we were done with the weekend and the ritual we both felt much better. The negativity that plagued me the last week has floated away and I’m back on track with starting fresh in this New Year. As my cold works its way entirely out of here, my energy is coming back and I’m excited about the day again.

The point of me sharing all this is not to bore you with the goings on of my last week, but rather to encourage you to give yourself permission for a “do-over” when you need it. Throughout the year you may find yourself blocked or unhappy with your progress on a goal or maybe even experiencing a big disappointment. The key is working your way back to allowing it all to be OK, it is unfolding perfectly (whether that perfect is to your liking or not); and, staying in a space of self-love in the process. Beating yourself up isn’t going to help anyone.

When these times hit, I invite you to find a ritual that works for you or create your own. Then with your best intentions and full presence carry out that ritual to release what you need to let go of and invite in the energy and spirit you need to be your best. Give yourself the gift of a fresh start so you can create what you most desire.

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