Whoopi Goldberg on Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Was reading this interview in the Voice Online with Whoopi Goldberg.  Love this quote:

“My mum prepared me for that when I was a child. She taught me that if I was going to be comfortable in my own skin, I would have to be myself and that wouldn’t always please everybody. “So I was prepared for that. And I always wanted to be myself, because I never wanted to follow anybody. If you follow people, they can lead you off the cliff. So I like to lead, or walk alongside – but never follow.”

What’s most true here is that when you take the bold step to be comfortable in your own skin, it is very true, there will be people out there that don’t like you for it.  You know what? That is totally OK… you’re not on the planet to please everybody but to live your life fully and with meaning.

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