Having a Bad Day? Shift Your Energy

Fix a Bad MoodLet’s face it, we all have days where things don’t go the way we’d like. Appliances break, technology glitches, inconveniences pop up, people get upset with us, or circumstances beyond our control throw the wrench in our best laid plans. Perhaps one or more of these things have put you in a bad mood. There’s nothing wrong with a brief bad mood indulgence, but sitting in your dirty diapers isn’t going to perk you up or move you forward. You can make things better, however and the best way to do that is to shift your energy. It is like changing your proverbial energetic diaper.

How do you do that? Well, depending on where you are and what you’re doing, your choices will change. The good news is that there is always something you can do.

For instance, today has had its share of hiccups for me. In fact there is one big hiccup facing me that is frustrating me because something outside of my control is not allowing me to serve a client up to my standards. Yet, technology happens and I am doing my utmost to make it all right. I can either sit here and stew or creating some breathing space for resolution to show itself and shift my energy. Therefore, I’m choosing one of my favorite tips for shifting the energy of a bad mood which I’ll put as #1 here:

Get a Change of Scenery

Literally a change of scenery can do you good. Whether that is going outside (if you’re inside), taking a drive, a walk, a paddle, getting out in nature, or any old thing that will allow you to remove yourself from the physical space in which you are experiencing feeling stuck, frustration, or a challenging problem.  You can go near or far (even just to another room for that matter), but clear out from the physical space you are in and move. Allow your senses to re-focus and re-adjust onto something different.

Get Moving

Personally I like to combine get moving with a change of scenery. Moving your physical body immediately shifts your energy.  Whether it is a gentle walk, some yoga poses, or a vigorous workout, movement gets the blood flowing, chemicals changing in your body, and a sense of control.  Moving is taking action and gives you more control over a situation. Not to mention when you’re removed from the scene and moving your body new ideas, solutions, creativity, and a sense of calmness just show up.  It is a total stress-buster.

Listen to Music

Putting on music is a great way to shift your mood and your energy. Feeling down?  Put on something upbeat.  Feeling stressed and frazzled? Listen to something calming. If you play an instrument, get it out and go to town.  Like to sing?  Belt away.  The rhythm and tonal quality of music has a physical effect on your body that will shift (or amplify) whatever you are feeling.  The release is emotional and physical.  Music is vibration, vibration is energy.

Snap Your Mind Out of the Groove it is Stuck In

If you are old enough to remember record albums (as in LPs and a needle), remember how occasionally it’d get stuck in a groove and repeat over and over? Same thing happens now with CDs and the occasional defective MP3 file.  Something skips or repeats over and over.  That’s what our mind is like when we are obsessing about a problem or bad mood.  All you need to do it whack your thinking like you would the side of the turntable.  Gently but just enough to pop it out of the groove.  Open a book, watch a TV show, sample a You Tube clip or get engaged for even 5 minutes in a hobby.  Anything at all that can shift your focus and snap your mind out of its unproductive groove.

Laugh Your A** Off

Humor is the answer.  Find a way to laugh about something. Laugh at something funny (again TV, You Tube clip, cartoon, joke, etc.). It instantly lifts your mood and shifts your energy.  Have you ever been in a serious situation and then something ridiculous happened and you burst out laughing?  Didn’t that shift your energy?  Well, you can do that when you choose as well by seeking out something funny and letting the laughter rip.

Count Your Blessings

OK this might sound a little Hallmark like, but shifting your gaze to something you are grateful for also shifts your energy.  It allows you to shift your perspective off of what is NOT working and onto what IS.  It doesn’t make the problem or bad mood vanish instantly but frees up some breathing room so you can re-center yourself.

So, if you’re having a bad day…don’t sit and stew.  DO something.  Once you shift your energy you’ll not only feel better but you’ll also be more productive. And, the more willing you are and less attached you are, the more likely a solution to your problem will show itself organically.

Quick Note Update 8/19/09:  Even if your change of scenery results in paddling your kayak frantically to get back before wicked thunderstorms…it can STILL shift your bad mood (as evidenced by my experience last night!)

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