Why Cookie Cutter Approaches Don’t Work – (No Apologies Video)

Who here is tired of cookie cutter approaches that promise the world but don’t work?

Don’t fall prey to another cookie cutter approach promising you incredible business success in record time. The standard “one size fits all” does not work. Why? Because you are unique. You are not a widget. And, your own uniqueness holds the key to your success. Yes there are business fundamentals that must be learned…but if you want a purposeful and authentic business that fits who you are instead of who someone told you that you “should be”… beware of the cookie cutter.

1 thought on “Why Cookie Cutter Approaches Don’t Work – (No Apologies Video)”

  1. This is exactly why I don't give my clients meal plans. What if it's not a fit for their unique bio-chemistry? Customization is key, whether it's in business or with our food. Thanks Paula!

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