Are You Just Hanging On and Waiting for the Economy to Recover?

Many people and businesses seem to have been sitting in a holding pattern for months and continue to do so.  Know what?  This approach is doomed to fail.  Like the old quotation — when you fail to choose, you choose to fail.

Do you find yourself just trying to hang on and get through the recession?  Perhaps you are waiting for things to turn around or something to happen (business partner make a decision, new clients to show up, reorganization at a job to work itself out) before you move forward?  A whole lot of waiting for something “out there” to change so you can resume living or start to create what you want.  Well, guess what?  That isn’t going to work.  What if it takes years?  Are you going to hit the big Pause button on your life?

Read my recent newsletter article on the subject to learn the symptoms and solutions to just waiting for the economy to recover.

2 thoughts on “Are You Just Hanging On and Waiting for the Economy to Recover?”

  1. I'm not hanging on, I'm taking a lot of action. However, I could be taking the wrong or inappropriate action. I've been so focused on improving my finances that I feel like it has consumed me for the past two years. It's hard for me to relax, but I'm going to do my best. Perhaps once I let go and relax things will fall into place. For the past 2 years I've been trying to make things happen.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Rebecca…

    The key is relaxing into and leaning into it as it unfolds….not waiting "unti something" happens. Simple, but not always easy.

    As I always share and work deeply with my clients — there is a balance between making it happen (action/doing) and allowing it to unfold (receiving, being)… And within that intersection is the sweet spot of conscious creation.

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