Do You Believe What You Want is Possible for You?

What is Possible for YouCan you see and feel yourself having, doing, or being what you really want?  If  you can’t you are closing the door to the possibility of realizing it in your life.  If you do this you are likely to end up feeling stuck, hopeless, and frustrated because you may be putting forth all kinds of effort but wondering why you’re not seeing the results and evidence in your life that you want to be seeing.

After going through David Neagle’s Golden Touch training class recently, I started studying several books that I either hadn’t read before or had read but just let go in one ear and out the other (not too effective for results, right?).  Now all these books are written by men (primarily already dead, historic men) which is probably why I dismissed them in the first place. I find my most passionate inspiration (as a general rule) from women who inspire me.  I look to living role models that embody the qualities I want to amplify in myself.  So, it is with a great leap of faith that I’ve delved into these books.  Yet I came across a quote in the out of print book God Works Through Faith by Robert Russell that really hit home as a reminder of a concept I already knew, but perhaps wasn’t embracing as much as I needed to to get to my next level of growth and success.

We can never go beyond the realization of our mental equivalents. We shall never experience a good which is beyond our capacity to conceive and to receive.

I translate this as – if you can’t see something as a possibility for you and your life, no matter how much you desire it, it isn’t going to happen.  You may see these results as possible for others, but unless you can feel it as possible for you, it will be impossible for you to manifest that in your life.  And, if all this talk of spiritual things or God, Spirit, Buddha, Source (whatever language works for you) is not resonating for you, let me explain it in a different way.  In the movie Caddyshack, Bill Murray is telling Danny (the golf champion want-to-be) to “Be the ball Danny, Be the Ball”. Meaning you need to fully be one with what you want.  Connection, full immersion, focus, and 100% impenetrable belief.  Be your future, be the embodiment of what you most want to see happen, right now.

I chose this picture I took in Millennium Park while in Chicago for BlogHer ’09 for this post because this big metal sculpture creates what appears to be an optical illusion.  Its twisted reflections of people and the skyline morph into a surreal view.  I took this picture underneath the structure where there was a crowd of people. As you look at it there appears to be hundreds of people at all angles and different directions. It clearly shows you an image of what is seemingly impossible, yet here it is right before your eyes, right?  So is it real and possible or not?  Well, you get to decide… and that is message of this post.  What you desire is yours to create.  But first you need to BE it and your “mental equivalents” which would be your mindset and beliefs need to be expansive enough to allow the possibility to become reality for you.

2 thoughts on “Do You Believe What You Want is Possible for You?”

  1. Many people don't believe what they want is possible for them to have. This where they get stuck. They'll say affirmations and meditate, but the feeling is not there. You can mumble words over and over, but if you don't feel, believe, or see it (in your mind), you will not have it. This is why some people are upset with The Secret. They believed if they said the words, "…I want 1 Million dollars right now" or I want to drive a Mercedes," they would have it. The Law of Attraction is one law among many laws!

  2. You're spot on Rebecca — the feelings are the fuel behind the law of attraction. Thoughts, feelings, and actions must be aligned. Otherwise you derail yourself!

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