You will never be fully ready

The sweaty palms, pits, and brow.

The heart pounding excitement mixed with fear.

Holding your breath as adrenaline washes through your body.

Standing on the edge of panic where you feel paralyzed and unable to move.

Whether the space you stare into is a metaphorical or actual gap, you will never feel 100% ready to take that first step (or the scary next step for that matter).

Does that help take the pressure off?

Steep step ice hike

As I was standing on a steep narrow slope covered in a good 8-12 inches of solid ice, I felt all these things. I looked at the steep drop off behind me. At the magical ice formations along the waterfall. And listened to the water flowing beneath the ice. It was MAGICAL.

I thought – how the *&( do I take the first step down?

The guide clipped my carabiner onto the guide rope, patted me on the back and told me – Be aggressive with your steps! Leave room for your trailing foot!

And off I went.

While there was only a microsecond of hanging in the balance, it felt like a darn long time. But what then?

Full on focus. Those moments of high energy flow whether nothing else exists and you do the task at hand.

Despite what some of my followers think from the photos I share and stories I tell, I am not an adrenaline junkie. I like a little boost of excitement and I revel in awe and wonder, but I do not crave high adrenaline activities. You will not catch me jumping out of a plane in this lifetime.

I love fully immersive experiences though. That feeling where you are IN it. All distractions and worries fall away (or at least are drowned out by the moment at hand) and focus is laser.

This was the experience for a full (and exhausting!) day of ice hiking on Valentine’s Day. Who needs chocolate when you can use crampons for the first time and explore frozen waterfalls?

adventure even when you are excited/scared

As I reflect on the day, that first descent was overwhelming. A few moments felt like eternity. That first step seemed impossible, and I certainly was not “READY.” Yet with a guide and a group, there is no time for dithering. So, you GO.

The same can be said with everything else you do in life and business.

Who is ever truly ready to pull the trigger on starting a business? Launching a new offering? Raising prices?

Even if the timing seems right and you have done all the needed preparation. You might be ready.

Then… the moment comes and that breathless gap that says to you “this sh*t is getting real!” and you pause.

Doubt, fear, emotion, and more rush into that gap.

This is a moment of truth.

That moment you must take a deep breath and GO.

Trust the preparation.

Trust yourself.

Trust the process.

The truth of my ice hiking day is that I would not go this far beyond my skill level without a trained guide. I keep pushing my limits and expanding the types of things I can now do solo or with my partner. Most importantly I know where in the “outside my comfort zone” the lines are drawn between going it alone and finding a trusted partner. As a kayak instructor once told me – “wisdom is the better part of valor.”

I follow this knowing when I venture into my wilderness pursuits, in my business, and my personal life.

If you find yourself faced with a new level “first step” or simply need the added confidence from knowing that someone right there with you has your back, let’s talk. I love being a trusted partner, sounding board, and guide for my clients.

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