Gain Perspective – Your Momentary Retreat

You need perspective in your business and life to succeed. Sometimes you need to open up to relieve the stress of over-thinking so you can see the big picture.  Other times you need to focus in on just one small part of the horizon to find what might be hidden from you.

If you’re lucky enough to go outside somewhere to shift your perspective to the vastness of it all, it will help you gain peace of mind and a new lens on any challenges you might be facing.  If things feel overwhelming, drill down to the tiniest focus.  Join me here on the beach as I notice sea creatures within the tidal pools that teem with life we otherwise would never notice.

Need help gaining some perspective? Contact me for an exploratory conversation via phone to see how working together can help you untangle your thoughts and move forward.

3 Myths About Overwhelm That Keep You Running in Circles

3 Myths about overwhelmI can’t begin to tell you how many business owners I talk to that feel in some way overwhelmed.  There is just so much to do and so much to learn about running your business, honing your craft, and navigating the rest of your life that you just want to cry, “Someone stop the world! I want to get off!”

Yet because entrepreneurs are a pioneering, driven crowd, you just keep trying to run faster hoping that once this project, client, business trip, “fill in the blank”, thing is over, THEN things will settle down.

Except, they never do…

From my vantage point of coaching many new and established business owners the reason overwhelm never stops (unless consciously addressed) is because of 3 overarching myths about operating in a state of manic, frantic overwhelm.

Getting Things Done Will Solve the Problem

This is the “once X happens” THEN things will be better illusion.  The idea that things will magically ease up after you finish a project or busy season is a fantasy.  While it is true that all businesses have peaks and valleys of busyness, the fundamental way you navigate and operate should not be different.  Your values, presence, and style are part of your business fundamentals. If you think that you are going to behave differently simply because you complete a project you are fooling yourself.  You will take YOU with you into the next day and the next project.

The Situation Will Improve at Some “Mythical Later”

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that they hope things will be better later (simply insert some “later”…aka “after the holidays”, “in January”, “after the kids go back to school”, etc.), I’d be sitting in my cottage on my private island right now.

What makes you think things will be different later?  Do you have a sound strategy, plan, and support to make tomorrow different than today?

Or, are you riding the three-legged horse of “hope” into the sunrise praying for a miraculous intervention by some outside forces?

I’m all about making solid business decisions. That means you need to choose based on what you want to create and where you want to go, not from the head-space of the muckety-muck that you are currently sitting in.  That often involves being vulnerable, taking a risk, and making an investment to do what you need to do now.  Even when (especially when) it feels like a stretch. Waiting and hoping does not equal real change. [Read more…]

Laser-Like Focus is the Key to All Growth & Progress

Laser Like Focus for Business SuccessWhether you want to move forward in your business with steady, incremental growth or a big quantum leap, a laser-like focus on what is right in front of you is what is required.

How can the solution to two radically different goals be the same?  Let me explain by way of two distinct stories.

Yesterday I saw a man and woman in our local development walking on the sidewalk. I see this duo almost daily. What makes it unique is the way in which they walk.  He stays patiently by her side as she takes extremely slow, calculated, and exaggerated steps.  Clearly she is recovering from an injury and based on what I can observe, likely at least a portion of it relates to a brain injury.  The focus, patience, and determination she exhibits is what propels her forward and farther each time.

As someone who has rehabilitated more than a few injuries (including a dual Achilles tendon tear), I can honestly say there is nothing like pain and limitation to get you focused on the little things.  I can remember shuffling along at an agonizing pace (after all BOTH feet were injured) while dreaming of the day I went hiking and biking again. It took weeks, months, and frankly a good year before I could do as I please. Progress gets measured by seconds, inches, and steps not leaps and bounds. Yet the underlying law for growth is clear, focused action tied to a greater goal.

What if you want more than incremental forward progress?  The law is the same – clear, focused action.  Let’s look at the moving forward by leaps and bounds crossing chasms as you go story. [Read more…]

From Scattered to Focused – Using Mindfulness in Your Business (No Apologies Video)

Ever feel like a character in a vigorously shaken snow globe? Here’s how to go from scattered to focused.

When you feel overwhelmed and scattered by all there is to know and do as a business owner, you are not effective. You either stay stuck feeling like everything is swirling around you or you stay frantically busy, often with unimportant tasks.

The way out of this madness is to allow the dust to settle. Counterintuitively the solution is to slow down, create space, and allow clarity to emerge. This does not mean you need to slow down the growth of your progress however. Paradoxically when you are more mindful you are able to respond more consciously to opportunities, make wiser decisions faster, and grow more quickly.

Check out this video for a visual example of just how this works.

The Solution is Always Simple

SimplicityDo you work very hard at making any challenges you are facing complex and convoluted in your mind?  Don’t worry, it’s not personal or a character flaw, it’s just what people do.  If you’re a smart, intelligent, high achieving woman it is likely that you make things seem extra complicated in your mind (you’re an overachiever, right?!).

I know I have certainly had more than my share of this.

How do you know if you’re making it harder than it needs to be?  Well, you’re likely to be feeling:

  • Overwhelmed with all the things you need to do and the constant juggling act.
  • Frustrated and ready to bang your head against a wall.
  • Befuddled as to how to untangle your way out of whatever mess you’re in.

I have been there… literally pulling my hair out, banging my fists against the wall, and dare I say throwing the occasional piece of technology at the pinnacle of frustration.  What can I say; I used to have a huge temper…

Then suddenly (after lots of practice), I discovered that it doesn’t have to be that hard.  The best solutions, wisest decisions, and optimal results don’t arise out of complexity they emerge from simplicity.

You might be thinking – “It can’t be that simple!  You don’t understand how important/big/unique my business or personal challenge is!”

I didn’t say it was always easy; I said it was simple.

Think about it. How many times have you struggled with a challenge so hard and so long it felt like you were wrestling a slippery pig?  Then, in the end… when you finally found a resolution, you felt the desire to smack yourself upside the head because it was that simple?

The reason it often takes so long to get there though is because we frankly like to make things harder than they are.  It helps us feel important, validated, and needed.

But imagine if instead of struggling and listening to the myriad of negative mind chatter you could:

  • Get quiet
  • Experience more peace
  • Allow a wise solution to emerge

How might that benefit you in terms of peace of mind?  More effective solutions?  More aligned actions?  Greater results?

I thought so…

I have personally found and seen it happen in 100% of my clients that when you seek simplicity and quiet the madness you are naturally poised to tap into an infinite source of wisdom and possibility.  You can hear the whispers of your intuition, allow the dust to settle, and see a clear, inspired next action to take.

This always, without fail, leads to better outcomes – for you and your business.

My coach’s request to you.

Next time you are facing a challenge or frustration do the following to activate a soul filled and simple solution:

  1. Stop. By all means stop digging yourself a deeper hole mentally, emotionally, and otherwise.
  2. Create breathing space.  Take a walk, take a break, take a shower, meditate workout, etc. Whatever it takes, create space between you, the problem, and the next step action.  (This is awesome for taming a temper too I might add.)
  3. Release control.  Let go of your need and attachment to fixing things or finding some mythical perfect solution.
  4. Open to receive guidance.  Allow insight and possible solutions to show themselves.
  5. Choose the path of simplicity.  Make a decision or take your next action using the criteria that it must be simple.  If it is not simple (again, it might not be easy…) go back to step 1 and repeat.

I can guarantee that if you take these steps rather than engage and wrestle that slippery pig (even if it’s only in your mind), you will set yourself up for more powerful choices, more pleasing results, and a heck of a lot more peace of mind.

Find yourself going in circles with challenges in your business or balancing your business and personal life?  If so, by all means stop the insanity and apply for a complimentary Intuitive Intelligence Activation Session at



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